Cashier (OMJ/MC)

Job ID: 232788495 Type: Full-Time
Kroger (OMJ/MC) | 885 Union Blvd, Englewood, OH 45415

Cashier (OMJ/MC)

Job Skills & Requirements

Must be 18

The cashier position at Kroger is all about making connections with customers and making sure that they are having as pleasant of a shopping experience as possible. With this in mind, strong interpersonal skills are key, and you must be comfortable approaching strangers to offer your assistance. A desire to work as part of a team is going to prove crucial to your success in this position.

Kroger Cashier Job Duties

As a cashier at Kroger, you will be ringing up customer purchases and asking them about their experience in the store. You will also help direct customers to the appropriate area for specific purchases. There will also be times where you will need to help bag customer purchases and put away unwanted merchandise as well. The primary responsibilities of this position include the following:

  • Accurately tallying customer purchases using the store POS system
  • Helping customers locate items throughout the store
  • Educating customers about upcoming sales and specials
  • Bagging groceries and ensuring they are handled with care
  • Restocking merchandise and returning products to the correct area

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