Financial Services Worker/Payee (OMJ/MC)

Job ID: 265574844 Type: Full Time
Senior Resource Connection (OMJ/MC) | Dayton, OH

This position is accountable for functioning as a representative payee for assigned clients who are disabled and are unable to manage their own money safely and responsibly. The position will also maintain the automated financial payee system and related computer records.

Performs various payee duties for severely mentally disabled clients and APS senior clients.

  1. Obtains payeeships from banks and other agencies.
  2. Establishes and maintains accounts to receive and safeguard client funds.
  3. Budgets and analyzes clients’ financial status.
  4. Negotiates with creditors on balances and payment plans for clients.
  5. Researches and pays necessary bills for clients.
  6. Balances clients’ check registers with monthly banking statements.
  7. Determines clients’ spending priorities and investment of surplus funds.
  8. Maintains close working relationships with case managers at Senior Resource Connection.

Maintains the automated representative financial payee software system for the program.

1. Manages the data entry of all client financial transactions with the computerized system.
2. Maintains the computerized software system to assure its effectiveness.
3. Audits the transactions for internal quality assurance within the program.

Performs various activities relating to the Social Services Division.

1. Attends and actively participates in staff meetings and training sessions.

Establishes and maintains records and reports.

1. Prepares activity and dictation logs on a regular basis.
2. Maintains accurate files on clients receiving services.


Must have one (1) year of experience in bookkeeping, accounting, or financial management.
Must pass a criminal background check and maintain a clear record. Must also have transportation to drive to the bank.


Workforce Specialist

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