Counselor Assistant (OMJ/MC)

Job ID: 235761832 Type: Full-Time Regular
Woodhaven Residential Treatment Center (OMJ/MC) | Dayton, OH


Demonstrate skills and experience in group therapy, time management, and crisis intervention common to acute clients, as well as to non-violent crisis intervention practices. Knowledge of 12-step Recovery Program. Basic knowledge of detoxification assessment and treatment procedures. Knowledge of the disease concept of addiction treatment and mental illness. Ability to identify signs of withdrawal from major classes of abused substances, and the ability to apply this knowledge to the treatment of clients with addictive diseases and mental illnesses. Ability to clearly summarize pertinent clinical information via written correspondence and medical records documentation. Ability to work as a member of the multi-disciplinary team, supporting the facility’s treatment program and philosophy, and assuring the delivery of quality treatment to clients and their families. Above average computer skills, preferred Word, Excel, Outlook, and PDF files.

Specific Areas of Responsibility to Position

· Conducts up to 5 hours of group sessions daily.

· Attend 1-hour weekly CDCA group supervision per 40 hours of work to comply with Ohio Chemical Dependency Professional Board requirements. (Monday’s or Wednesday’s)

· Utilizes skills of observation and training to assist in educational sessions by accurately documenting electronically and reporting client behaviors/interactions to the nursing/clinical staff.

· Maintains residents’ confidentiality continuously in all interactions with the visitors, clients, and other individuals.

· Accurately document all relevant client interactions or observable, potentially problematic behaviors to the nursing/clinical staff, in a timely manner.

· Demonstrates professional demeanor in dealing with all client interactions, keeping in mind customer service standards, i.e. the customer is #1.

· Assisting unit staff in gathering clients for activities to include meals, physical fitness, group activities, outings, supervise clients, assure clients are accounted for.

· Assists in supervising the maintenance of all necessary equipment and supplies to the program.

· Ensures client safety through maintaining confidentiality, verbal de-escalation techniques, and knowledge of policies and procedures regarding emergencies, performing security and safety checks and reports all client issues to staff.

· Assists residents with activities of daily living.

· Assists in new client assessments and orients new residents to program rules and procedures as well as other residents.

· Respond to all emergency codes effectively and efficiently.

· Monitor for visitors or other prior clients who may come into the facility with possible contraband and evaluate for agency client safety.

· Facilitates groups and documents client interactions, reactions and behavior in progress notes by the end of the day.

· Assist nursing staff with the observed chain of custody urine screens.

· Attends In-service training, seminars, and participates in other educational activities, as assigned/ required.

· Performs the following duties as needed, as described in the Ohio Revised Code 3793:2-1-08: Crisis Intervention, Case Management, Assessment (excluding diagnosis), Individual Counseling, Group Counseling.

· May request a urinalysis be completed by the nursing department under the Ohio Revised Code 3793:2-1-08.

· Performs other duties as assigned and/or requested.