Forklift Operator (OMJ/MC)

Job ID: 205581 Type: Manufacturing
Fuyao Glass America USA | Moraine, OH

Forklift Operators (OMJ/MC)

Job & Responsibilities

1) Ability and skill to maneuver the forklift without a pallet.

2) Ability to handle light and heavy lifting with ease.

3) Basic documenting skills.

4) Knowledge about related equipment and their maintenance.

5) Knowledge of all safety measures to be taken during the forklift operation.

6) Knowledge of warehouse inventory.

1) Line hauling, loading and unloading freight vehicles using related equipment.

2) Picking and packaging orders.

3) Warehousing and shipping.

4) Maintaining simple inventory.

5) Verify items received.

6) Check the conditions and quality of items received.

7) Perform quality checks and safety measures.

8) Ensure timely delivery of freight.

9) Maintenance of all forklift related equipment.

10) Willing to work on contract basis ranging from 3 to 6 months or on an annual contract.

11) Willing to work in shifts and overtime.

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