Infants-School Age Educators

Job ID: 235576610 Type: Full time
Ms. Shelly's Place (OMJ/MC) | Moraine, OH

As a vibrant nurturing educator that will be stimulating young developing minds, you must have patience, compassion and energy as you teach children that have different needs, abilities, aptitudes and emotions. Educators will be using a variety of teaching styles and methods that will guide children in a positive social and emotional environment that is cognitively and physically stimulating that will support children’s’ individual culture, language, ethnicity and family structure. You must be flexible during operational hours of 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM.



  • Respect the uniqueness of each child
  • Understand the difference in diversity in children and families
  • Recognize that children achieve their full potential in relationships that are based on trust and respect
  • Create and maintain a safe, healthy environment that fosters children’s’ social, emotional, cognitive and physical development and growth
  • Respect children’s contributions, dignity and self-worth
  • Advocate for all children that are enrolled
  • Support a child’s right to play and learn in an inclusive environment that meets their needs with and without a disability
  • Ensure that diversity is seen through your classroom that represents children’s culture, language, ethnicity and family structure is both recognized and valued
  • Use an assessment tool and strategies that are appropriate in assessing a child’s progress
  • Using the assessment information to recognize and understand a child’s development who may need additional service
  • Assuring families and children a smooth transition from and into our program
  • Establish a safe and secure environment that allows children to explore each learning center
  • Always position yourself where you can supervise children from any area in your classroom
  • Implement positive disciplines when required using Conscious Discipline method and comfort a child when in need


  • Become familiar with the use of Teaching Strategies (our curriculum)
  • Familiarize yourself with the ELDS (Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards) and to implement it with Teaching Strategies
  • Activities are to be age appropriate with lots of hands-on activities
  • Rules are to be clear and effective that children understand
  • Observations and assessments are to be completed on each child
  • Signs of what children are learning is to be visible throughout the classroom
  • You are always to be engaging with children
  • Materials are to be within children’s reach for easy access

Trainings are the most essential ingredient in our program. It promotes growth, development and quality. Throughout the year, you are required to attend trainings. By your second year of teaching, it is MANDATED that you are enrolled in a CDA class or have completed it.


Experience in childcare setting is great but not required. We are willing to train.

You must be able to pass both a background check and physical.



Workforce Specialist

Krista Kennedy 937-496-3036