Psychiatric Physician Assistant (OMJ/MC)

Job ID: 234338498 Type: Full-Time
Life Solutions South LLC (OMJ/MC) | 4130 Linden Ave, Ste 245, Dayton, OH 45432

Psychiatric Physician Assistant (OMJ/MC)

Job Duties & Requirements

Life Solutions South LLC, is looking for a team member in our Psychiatric Department to join our Psychiatrist, Physician Assistant, RN and support staff in providing family friendly psychiatric services to our clients. Life Solutions South provides a supportive, flexible, and excellent learning/work environment in addition to superior benefits for our staff. Job Duties include:

  • Provide evaluation and management services, including psychopharmacology and psychotherapeutic services for children and adults with serious mental health concerns including assessment, crisis intervention, assistance with linkage and referral, behavioral intervention, parenting and medication education.
  • Coordinate client care with involved medical, mental health, educational professionals, and social service providers, both within and outside the agency.
  • Provide prescription refills, medically necessary lab work, and respond to prior authorization requests for prescription medication with support from agency staff
  • Attend required supervision with Life Solutions South LLC., Medical Director (Collaborating Physicians) and training as required by Life Solutions LLC.
  • Utilize EMR to document activities provided to or on behalf of clients.
  • Participate in educational activities at Life Solutions South LLC.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Needed Experience

  • Minimum four years of experience in healthcare setting with minimum three years of experience in quality management, preferably in medical practice setting.


  • Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies
  • Physician Assistant license in Ohio, with Specialty certification as a psychiatric mental health Nurse Practitioner.
  • Must be flexible, energetic, possess a positive attitude and a sense of humor; willingness to work in a close team environment required.
  • Ability to work effectively with other professionals and different disciplines.
  • Must possess skills to conceptualize client/ system needs and recommend appropriate services. Training and experience that is “trauma-informed” required.
  • Must be culturally competent and willing to work with clients and families with various and diverse populations.

Performance Requirements

1. Knowledge of CQI principles, practices, methods, and tools.
2. Knowledge of computer applications related to QI, including spreadsheets.
3. Knowledge of medical records and clinical care processes.

1. Skill in effective education and facilitation of CQI efforts in medical practice.
2. Skill in application of analytical methods and statistical software by developing appropriate reports.
3. Skill in conducting QI checks of medical records and other clinical documentation and performing patient satisfaction surveys.

1. Ability to educate staff in both verbal and written form about QI in formal and informal settings.
2. Ability to interact effectively with healthcare team members.
3. Ability to analyze QI data and identify trends and corrective actions.

Mental/ Physical Requirements

  • Combination of office and classroom settings. May occasionally need to lift/carry/ or move audiovisual equipment weighting up to 50 pounds. Occasional stress related to deadline

Workforce Specialist

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