Safety Companion (OMJ/MC)

Job ID: 233795646 Type: Full-Time Rotating Shifts
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Safety Companion (OMJ/MC)

Job Skills/ Requirements
The Safety Companion is a member of the health care team who works under the supervision of a licensed nurse to perform basic nursing tasks as assigned.

Essential Duties & Functions:
Assist PCT and licensed nurse with care of the patient.
Demonstrates knowledge of skin care including prevention, monitoring and reporting
Maintains accurate documentation in the Epic computer system
Meets the safety needs for the patient and uses equipment safely and properly (i.e. Assistive Devices, oxygen and side rails)
Follows all agency policies regarding infection control and employee safety
Recognizes patient’s needs and attends to their request in a prompt and organized manner.
Maintains a neat and orderly patient environment.
Utilizes appropriate communication skills with the patient, the patient’s family and all agency personnel.
Serves patient’s tray and assist with feeding if necessary. Removes food tray and reports amount eaten.
Completes accurate records and carries out all assignments as requested.
Is responsible for maintaining minimum weekend on-call, holiday or other requirements established by the department.
Demonstrates respect for patient’s property and maintains patient confidentiality.
Observes basic elements of body functioning and reports changes to the licensed nurse.
Recognizes emergencies and demonstrates knowledge of emergency procedures.
Performs only under the supervision of a licensed nurse who has provided written instruction for patient care (Care Plan)
Participates in ongoing development of the Plan of Treatment.

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