State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) (OMJ/MC)

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The Nursing Assistant is responsible for the most direct care of the nursing home resident. He/she will observe the residents and report any changes in condition to the Shift Charge Nurse. Nursing Assistant will aide residents with Activities of Daily Living and related non-professional services in caring for the personal, comfort, and nursing care needs of the residents.

Qualifications: Must have caring disposition and enthusiasm for working with a geriatric population. Must have successfully completed, or currently enrolled in a state approved program for Nursing Assistants.

  • Physical (within a year)
  • TB (within a year)
  • CPR and First Aid
  • STNA Card
  • SSI Card
  • State ID or Driver’s License
  • Successful completion of a Background Check

Essential Job Functions:

Provide a safe and clean environment for each resident. Answer all call lights promptly. Keep fresh water at the resident’s bedside (unless contraindicated) and offer fluids frequently and as needed. Report any change in resident’s conditions to the charge nurse. Change position of all dependent residents at least every two hours. Be polite and considerate to all residents and their visitors at all times. Practice professional conduct at all times. Attend all mandatory in-services, obtain 12 CEU’s per year to maintain your STNA certification. These CEU’s will be provided by the facility, however, if you elect to obtain your CEU’s elsewhere, it is your responsibility to provide us with verification for your file. Make residents beds, occupied and unoccupied with fresh linens as needed. Measure and record intake and output. Offer bedtime snack to each resident and record acceptance or refusal. Serve and remove food trays, nourishments, and snacks. Feed and/or assist residents with meals as needed. Provide and remove bedpans promptly, using correct infection control practices. Empty and clean bedside commodes as needed. Utilize universal precautions in all care delivery. Assist with transfer and ambulation as required, using gait belts when appropriate. Administer bed baths, tub baths, or showers as instructed. Administer and/or assist with mouth care twice daily. Meet all Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) of each resident, each day. Work together as part of the Patient Care Team with all staff. Perform all duties as delegated by charge nurse, including documentation. Follow and record restorative program orders as written by DON. Do laundry/housekeeping duties as directed. Report for duty on time and prepared to work.

Other Duties: Complete other duties as directed by the charge nurse, HSS, and DON. Meets the physical demands of standing/walking for long periods of time, lifting and assisting the weight of residents as well as pushing carts and packages and the manual dexterity to use hands easily and skillfully while providing care and operating equipment to perform duties.

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