Dishwasher/Stock Clerk (OMJ/MC)

Job ID: 265598669 Type: Part time
Senior Resource Connection (OMJ/MC) | Dayton, OH

Our part-time Stock clerk/Dishwasher will help with a variety of duties in support of Food/Nutrition Services, such as stockroom organization, inventory, sanitation and cleaning. Washing dishes with the 3-compartment sink method. Persons in this position must be flexible in the performance of a variety of duties from day-to-day. Hours are Monday – Friday 6:00am -1:00pm.


1. Assures efficient operation of the stock room area.

a. Receives all ordered items and checks vendor invoices against items received.
b. Stock all incoming items correctly.
c. Maintain good warehouse procedures in day-to-day management of stockroom.
d. Reports and works with Food Production Clerk to resolve all discrepancies.
e. Maintain the first-in, first-out rule.

2. Assures clean and sanitized stocking areas.

a. Clean and sanitize walk-ins weekly.
b. Clean inside of walk-ins as needed.
c. Clean outside of freezers weekly.
d. Keep stockroom clean and orderly.

3. Performs all duties as related to the dish room. Washing, rinsing, and sanitizing of all dishes, putting them away, and keeping shelving units clean and organized.

4. Performs other related duties as assigned for the effective operation of the department and the agency.


KNOWLEDGE OF: Food service operations and procedures relating to warehouse inventory and stockroom as well as cleaning and sanitation.

ABILITY TO: Read and follow directions and plan-o-grams. Document information; physically stack and store food cases and disposables; compute figures; maintain inventory and communicate effectively with peers and supervisor.

SKILL IN: Inventory/warehouse management.


Completion of a standard high school course of study or equivalent with one (1) to two (2) years experience in food warehousing or inventory control and record keeping. Previous experience in a service-oriented business environment.


Ability to lift from floor to waist up to 70 lbs.; 2 handed carrying of up to 70 lbs. which includes pushing and pulling carts. Take down product from top shelves. Physical actions include standing, walking, climbing, carrying, handling, stooping, twisting, bending, pushing, pulling, and sitting.


Incumbents face exposure to potentially dangerous cleaning chemicals utilized in sanitation procedures as well as equipment and supply hazards such as wet or hot work surfaces. Work on concrete flooring; in extreme cold ≤65° temperatures and in hot temperatures ≥ 80°. Exposed to wet and cold work surfaces and sharp edges on food containers and boxes.


Workforce Specialist

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