Teachers-Long or Short Term Sub License (OMJ/MC)

Job ID: 229909099 Type: Full time
Summit Academy Community School (OMJ/MC) | Dayton, OH 45414

A Dayton charter school which specializes in the education of students with ADHD, Autism and related disorders is seeking full time teachers with long or short term sub license to teach Kindergarten-First grade, Fourth-Fifth grade, 6-8 Math/Science and Intervention Specialists.


  • Must have interest in serving our students’ educational needs
  • Teachers must have a valid Ohio teaching license or 4 year degree in any field to obtain long or short term sub license
  • Meet Federal Properly Certified Teacher standards as determined by ESEA
  • Appropriate criminal record as determined by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • Demonstrate evidence of strong organizational and communication skills
  • Ability to generate, record, and maintain information and statistical data
  • Ability to administer, score, and interpret a test of individual achievement
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality of student records and school business

Summers off and full benefits package available.


Workforce Specialist

Krista Kennedy (937) 496-3036