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Application Process

Deadline extended to May 31st, 2018

Welcome to the YCS365 Application Process.

This process consists of five (5) steps that must be completed and submitted.

  1. WIOA Youth Program Eligibility Application
    • Note: Your application is not considered complete until all elements of this application process are received.
  2. Submission of Source Documents
    • These documents are required to verify eligibility. Your application is not considered complete until all documents are received.
    • All required documents must be received in Youth Career Services within 3 business days of application.
    • Failure to submit Source Documents by this deadline will result in your application being denied.
    • Document may be:
      • Submitted to YCS365@mcohio.org (Note: the phrase “Source Documents” needs to be in the subject line of the email) OR
      • Dropped off at the Youth Career Services Office (1111 So. Edwin C. Moses Blvd., Suite 1171)
  3. Desired Work Experience Frequency
  4. Work Permit Application
    • Work permit applications will be completed at the time of the participant's Assessment Appointment with their case manager.
    • YCS staff will determine a job assignment based on the information from the participant's assessments. The participant will be given page #2 (physical form) of the work permit application to complete and return to their case manager via email or drop off in person.
    • The YCS staff will forward all COMPLETED work permit applications to the respective schools/school boards to process the permit. Participants will receive a copy of their work permit along with their job assignment during their pre-employment training.
  5. Terms and Conditions