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Meet Brandon Price

For the love of food

Brandon Price

"My first year of being with YouthWorks, I worked at the men's shelter - St. Vincent de Paul and being a janitor, I learned a lot about care. Even if it's just cleaning bathrooms, it shows that you care enough that you would make someone's bathroom spotless that they can go in and see that a person cares enough to clean. Helping people who are less fortunate is important and they are good people who were just down and need some help to recover."

Brandon Price is now learning all about food and currently works at Carmen's Deli & Bistro located in the Kettering Tower. "There I do prep work, I clean and mostly I engage with other customers. At night when they want to come in and order something and me and Stephanie, the person I work with, we make it for them and we get a lot of business. It's very great."

Getting great experience for the career path he is following isn't all he has taken from his jobs. "As a person, I have a certain set of principles that I follow - honesty, respect, loyalty, punctual and a hard worker. I just like the fact that I can cook and I just want to be great at cooking regardless if I am a top notch chef or executive chef at a fine restaurant. I just love the art of food."

Providing opportunity is what the YouthWorks program is all about. The program allows teens to get a good feel for the type of career path they may follow and Brandon sees this experience as his chance to develop his skills to the full extent. "A lot of adults tell me that when they were young, they didn't have a lot of opportunities to pursue the dreams that they had for themselves and me being in a new generation, we do get those opportunities. I don't see why anyone would pass that up."

"Brandon comes to YouthWorks with great enthusiasm and a clear vision of what he wants to do in his life," says Rocky Rockhold, previous Supervisor of the YouthWorks Program for Montgomery County.

Brandon is very "food and cooking" focused, and with four brothers and sisters between the ages of 13 and 19 he'll have plenty of opportunities to explore his passion.