Any 14-15-year-old wishing to participate in the YouthWorks summer work experience session (and anyone ages 14-17 for fall work experience session) must have a work permit on or BEFORE the first day of work.

Step 1: Download the work permit application at the link below.

Step 2: Complete the Student/Applicant section on the first page through the parent signature section. Be sure to leave the “proof of age” section blank. Your school staff will complete this section.

Step 3: Have your physician complete the second page of the application, prior to your placement appointment.

Step 4: YouthWorks office will complete the Pledge of Employer section during your placement appointment.

Step 5: Take the completed application to your high school/school board to get the actual Age and Schooling Certificate. The information must be entered into a state-wide database. The school district will determine who is representative for their respective district.

Step 6: Take issued Age and Schooling Certificate to your employer on the first day of work.

• Fees – Some schools/districts may charge a fee to complete the Age and Schooling Certificate.
• Process Time – Many schools require 24-48 hours to complete the certificate. Please allow time for this process.
• Work permits are not transferable. They are job-specific. If you get a different job in YouthWorks, you must obtain a new work permit.
• Charter Schools may or may not have access to the databases to print off the necessary certificate. Check with your school for instructions.
• Middle School students may need to go to your district high school or board office to get the Age and Schooling Certificate after you have someone from your school complete the proof of age section on the front of the application.

Click here to fill out your work permit application

If you have any questions, please call our offices at (937) 224-1482