Get Started in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Register your Company

Submit the three simple forms below to register your company as a potential OJT employer before an employee can begin working. If your company has participated in the Project Hire OJT program before, please skip to Step 2.

Step 2: Recruit your Employee

Employers can either self-recruit or utilize our free recruiting services.* If you have not self-recruited an employee, our OhioMeansJobs Montgomery County staffing specialists can save your company, on average, $3,073 in pre-screening and recruitment services. Simply contact us to post your job and narrow down the best candidate for you to interview!

If you have a potential employee already recruited, simply notify our office with the candidate’s name/contact information to get them scheduled for an eligibility assessment at our office or yours. OJT eligibility assessments consist of a 30-minute application process to determine WIOA eligibility.

*Background check & drug testing are an additional charge.

Step 3: Enroll Your Approved Employee

Step 4: Begin Training and Get Paid

When your On-The-Job training is approved, begin training your new hire “on-the-job” and submit your monthly invoices for reimbursement!